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About Clean N' Glow

Clean N Glow is a locally owned and operated cleaning services company that provides quality commercial and residential janitorial services. We work hard to provide exceptional service and have the best possible rates all while being personable, friendly and professional. We care about our customers and pride ourselves in ensuring they’re happy with our services.

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Clean N' Glow is a reliable and affordable domestic cleaning service that offers quality cleaning services for households in Northern Counties in New Jersey. A small but growing company, we pride ourselves on our professional service and have a fantastic track record. Only three cleaners work for us, but that means for you we offer much more commitment than many larger cleaning companies. All of our cleaners come with excellent references and are fully insured which means peace of mind for you.


Clean N' Glow has built our business on being fast and efficient, we understand that a clean home makes you feel happy. We've had years of experience cleaning in the public sector, so we know what it takes to give you a quality service and great value for money! When it comes to your windows or oven, our vision is do whatever it takes to get that dirt out!

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