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Our Work

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Living Room Cleaning

Our Living room cleaning service is for those who don't have time to clean the living room on a regular basis. Most homes have a living room that gets used most often, which is why we typically use this as the model room when we visit our client's home...


Living Spaces

...We will clean the carpets in your living room, dust all furniture and clean windows, mirrors, ceiling fans and door frames. We will keep your home organized and fresh with our Living room cleaning service!

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Clean N Glow Cleaning Service.JPG


Kitchen Cleaning

We scrub, wipe and shine your kitchen to make it look spotless. Our kitchen cleaning services include everything you need to keep your kitchen picture-perfect—no matter the mess! Trained professionals arrive at your home and get to work cleaning in a quick, efficient manner, leaving your kitchen sparkling clean.


Bath Cleaning

Keep your bathtub sparkly clean by having it professionally cleaned by Clean N' Glow. Our cleaners are experts in make-up removal and they will provide you with a bathtub that looks brand new!

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